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IP Pork Dish #3: Pork Fried Rice

IP Pork Dish #3: Pork Fried Rice

My husband and I dated in high school.  Back then, he only ate pizza and fried rice from the Japanese hibachi place in town (super authentic in south Georgia).  Now he eats everything, but fried rice still has a place in his heart.  So we are serious about it.

You will need:

  • Oil
  • Eggs (I would say 2 for 4 servings)
  • Onion (yellow or sweet), chopped
  • Cooked rice
  • Cooked pork
  • Frozen veggie medley, thawed (I like the Japanese mix from Publix with green peas added)
  • Kimchi, chopped
  • Gochujang sauce
  • Cilantro and scallions

You might think this is similar to Bibimbop, but the texture is worlds apart.  Also, this is the greatest freezer Velcro in the world – throw in any leftovers using the same technique and you are golden.

I like to use a large non-stick skillet for this because I can do everything in the same pan and it doesn’t stick too badly.  Again – lazy! 

1.       Put a little oil in the pan, scramble your eggs, and cook as you like.  I aim for barely cooked since they’re going back in later.  Save them on a plate and wipe out the skillet.

2.       More oil.  Let it get shimmery (on medium heat, maybe a tad bit higher) and sauté the onion.

3.       Toss in the rice.  Don’t be afraid to add more oil to barely coat the rice.  Using a flat spatula, press the rice into a single layer and set your timer for 3-4 minutes.  This is so you WALK AWAY.  It will not get brown if you move it.

4.       When the timer goes off, toss the rice around.  Adjust heat as needed and repeat the press flat/timer/walk away method at least three more times, maybe more, depending on the crunch factor. Before the last time, toss the pork in as well.

5.       When the rice is as crunchy as you like it, add in the veg and kimchi and press flat.  We’re just making sure it’s all warmed through.

6.       When you’re happy, toss in the egg, toss it around, and add the sauce, and toss to coat.  Serve it up and add the herbage.

This one makes amazing leftovers as well.  We store it without the herbs, nuke it, and then top with cilantro and scallions.  I don’t know what a grocery trip would be without buying scallions.

IP Pork Dish #4: Pork Enchiladas (with homemade sauce)

IP Pork Dish #4: Pork Enchiladas (with homemade sauce)

IP Pork Dish #2: Bibimbop

IP Pork Dish #2: Bibimbop