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IP Pork Dish #1: Korean Pork Lettuce Wraps

IP Pork Dish #1: Korean Pork Lettuce Wraps

I have an obsession with Kimchi, and I knew that one of the first things that I wanted to do with the pork was Korean lettuce wraps.  It’s okay that I used cumin when I seared, it worked beautifully here.

What you need:

  • Pork, cooked, shredded, awesome.
  • Cooked rice (Rice! See ratios below)
  • Bibb lettuce
  • Kimchi (I like spicy)
  • Gochujang sauce
  • Scallions/cilantro

For the Gochujang sauce:

  • 2 T? Gochujang (from your local Asian market, a snazzy specialty food store, or Amazon)
  •  2 t? Honey
  • 1-2 T? Rice vinegar
  • 1 T? Soy sauce
  • Oil or water (as needed)

I love this dish because it’s a little bit of a buffet.  Put out all of the components and let everyone make their own.  I am a psycho and like to arrange things a certain way:
Lettuce, Rice, Pork, Kimchi, Sauce, Scallions, Cilantro

You may notice there are no certain amounts for the Gochujang sauce.  I am sorry.  I make it differently every single time, I make it too often to have to measure, and the odds are, I make it too spicy for most people.  I add a little of this, a little of that, and taste it constantly.  If you like things less spicy, thin it out with water or oil, or make the sauce and a teaspoon of Gochujang and work up from there.  Additionally, if I am making the sauce to coat wings or fried chicken, definitely thin it out for better coating.

But the rice.  THE RICE.  If you recall, I first learned about the Instant Pot when I lamented my rice skills.  Well, the Instant Pot came through again.  It was my jam and truly saved my rice game.

Basmati Rice ratio

  • 1 c Basmati rice, rinsed well
  • 1 ¼ c water
  • ½  t salt

Pop it all into the Instant Pot and go Manual, 3 minutes, followed by the 10 minute Natural Pressure Release (which means let it release for 10 and then quick release).  Fluff and serve!  I double these amounts as we had a lot of future rice dishes to come.

Enjoy your lettuce wraps!

IP Pork Dish #2: Bibimbop

IP Pork Dish #2: Bibimbop

RV Gear: Instant Pot (and Pork!)

RV Gear: Instant Pot (and Pork!)